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"The decisions that policy-makers make about the holding of elections will have a further profound effect, shaping the health of democracy in the future." As op-ed by Erik Asplund and Toby James.

This is a must read from @brianklaas and @Fromagehomme for anyone frustrated with elections. Jaw-dropping examples from around the globe paired with really interesting recs for how to get democracy right again

FACT: #COVID19 is NOT airborne.

The #coronavirus is mainly transmitted through droplets generated when an infected person coughs, sneezes or speaks.

To protect yourself:
-keep 1m distance from others
-disinfect surfaces frequently
-wash/rub your 👐
-avoid touching your 👀👃👄

Chapter Four and partners have written a statement to the Chief Justice, Minister of Justice, DPP, Commissioner @jbyabs & IGP @OkothOchola1 to call for immediate & urgent measures to protect rights of detainees in #Uganda in the wake of #COVID19 pandemic.

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