“An election is NOT an event but a process…”

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking”

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We are Non – Governmental Organization registered in Uganda devoted to advocating and enhancing the right to access of affordable and timely electoral justice at all levels through strategic interventions such as electoral justice reforms advocacy and legal aid extension services, inter alia to all stakeholders in the administration and management of elections. Our focus among others; is to promote justice in elections – led democracy and a broad spectrum of research.

“The intense bursts in which election petitions are filed, the short time limits in which election matters must be dispensed, their political sensitivity, and the public interest in their outcomes, collectively mean that electoral cases cannot be treated the same as other matters that come before the judiciary”


Access to Electoral Justice

In addressing Access to Electoral Justice in Uganda, our Advocacy on Electoral (Justice) reforms is a three dimension pronged approach on issues.


Election Monitoring & Observation

This is a two-way approach based on the governance system. Intra-party Elections. General Elections 


Research & Training

Research is so broad that we’re not limited to just electoral issues but priotise it. Our research & Training department shall deal with all matters …..

Centre for Electoral Justice & Research

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"Long before the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Uganda, rumours abounded of plans to postpone the elections due in 2021. Amidst these rumours, a private citizen petitioned the High Court to suspend all elections in the country for five years" @Ibnyei https://www.accord.org.za/analysis/complexities-of-democratic-elections-in-the-context-of-covid-19-response-measures/

Based on the @UgandaEc 2019/2020 Election Roadmap, we share a series of the unheld electoral activities due to covid19. #UnheldElectoralActivities
@NationalYouthC5 @uwonet @UgandaIpod @MosesEgunyu @OurParliament16 @NRutaisire @AcfimUg @ckaheru

It’s important to note that Art 77 provides for extension of @Parliament_Ug under state of emergency. Constitution has no provision for extension of presidential mandate & this calls for transition @RebeccaKadagaUG @DanOgalo @UgandaEc ~
https://www.monitor.co.ug/News/National/Who-profits-if-election-date-is-pushed-ahead-/688334-5567692-8hbkt7z/index.html via @dailymonitor

#Burundi :Opposition leader
Agathon Rwasa filed on
Thursday a case at the
Constitutional Court
challenging the May 20
presidential election
outcome, saying he had evidence of fraud.

"The disruption of electoral timetables impacts not only technical preparations, but also increases the risk of constitutional and political consequences."
#COVID19 https://www.ifes.org/news/covid-19-disrupts-elections-across-africa

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